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Calgary Rifle & Pistol Club

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Serving the Calgary area community for more than 75 years.

The Calgary Rifle & Pistol Club has been serving Calgary area shooters for more than 75 years.  Formerly the Calgary Rifle & Revolver Club, it was incorporated in 1943 as the Calgary Rifle & Pistol Club.  In 1982 the club built and moved to it's current location in NE Calgary.  The club attracts people from all walks of life with members as young as 12 years old and some 80+ years in age.  We welcome all levels of skill from the casual plinker to the budding Olympic athlete.

Shooting Equipment

The heart of the club is the fully featured, ten position, 25 meter indoor shooting range with motor driven returning target systems.  The range is equipped to handle all handgun calibres up to and including .44 Magnum, as well as smallbore (.22lr.) rifles. 

Pistols are limited to a muzzle energy of 800 ft lbs (.44mag , .45 ACP), no armour piercing, no tracers.

Each shooting position is equipped with a shooting bench and spotting scope.  Shooting bags and a mechanical Ransom rest are also available for use.  A separate target system for 10 meter air pistol and air rifle shooting is available.

Safety equipment including hearing protection and safety glasses are available to club members free of charge.  The club stocks a full line of regulation targets, popular ammunition and reloading supplies.

Club Room

The bright, comfortable club room features couches and chairs, TV and VCR, a small library of shooting books and magazines, and a collection of shooting related videos.  A microwave oven, coffee and soft drinks are also available.

League Nights

Friendly competition is found weekly with both smallbore rifle and pistol leagues. Designed will all skill levels in mind, the club leagues promote skill development. 




1910 39th Avenue N.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7Y9



Business Hours


6PM to 10PM

Smallbore - 22cal rimfire and air gun only


6PM to 10PM

All pistol calibers and 22 caliber rimfire rifle


6PM to 10PM

Oct 1 to Apr 30 - Smallbore 22 cal rifle and air gun only
May 1 to Sept 30 - All pistol calibers and 22 caliber rimfire rifle


6PM to 10PM

All pistol calibers and 22 caliber rimfire rifle


Junior Program


Special bookings and Rifle/Pistol Competitions


9AM to 1PM

All Pistol Calibers and 22 caliber rimfire rifle


Some competitions and special events are 2 day events that may include sundays. Please check the club calendar on the website for event schedules.


Membership Information

The Calgary Rifle & Pistol Club accepts yearly memberships.  Memberships are for one calendar year from the date of purchase.  Discounts available to Seniors, Juniors & Post-Secondary Students.

New members accepted, however, our membership cap is 200 members.

Full/Family Membership $400.00  Includes additional family members. (Restrictions apply - see membership form)

Junior Membership (17 years and younger) $175.00

Student Membership (Registered in full time program at recognized post-secondary institution) $200

Senior Membership (65 years and older) $350.00

Member Guest Fee (Single visit - restrictions apply) $25.00

These memberships are all-inclusive.  No range fee's must be paid each time you visit, no appointments are necessary to use the range.

Memberships are only sold at the club.  Come to the clubhouse during business hours to fill out an application.

All Memberships are subject to Executive Approval